Anti-Oxidant Tea Bundle (Green & Oolong Tea)

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Product Overview

Get three anti-oxidant rich green and oolong teas in 30-50g bags. Smooth Talker is a Milk Oolong style tea that has a decadent taste and texture. Blue Moon is a unique blend of oolong and blue mallow petals that has a slightly sweet, baked-bread flavour and a gorgeous appearance. Jasmine Dragon is a green tea with a delicate jasmine flavour and aroma rolled into lovely pearls. Perfect for those who appreciate finer green and oolong teas. 

Smooth Talker
BREW: 80°C / 176°F | Steep 2-3 min.
INGREDIENTS: Milky Oolong Tea
Product of China
Blue Moon
INGREDIENTS: Oolong tea, Mallow petals
Blended in Canada
Jasmine Dragon
INGREDIENTS: Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea
Product of China