About Us

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SquirrelDuck sources organic and rare teas from around the world. We want to provide best-quality loose leaf tea that helps you enjoy your tea time, and maybe even helps you slow down a little and appreciate the moment.

The Best Teas For Everyone in the Chain

We believe that our teas should be sourced with the intent to protect the environment and workers' rights when possible, as well as to preserve the natural health promoting benefits and the pure, wonderful taste of tea and herbals. We want to promote a high quality of life for everyone in the chain - from producer to customer. Most of our tea is organic certified, some is fair trade certified. Some is not certified at all; this may be because it's either wild picked, or comes from smaller producers that can't afford to certify. In all cases, we try our best to buy teas from reputable companies that take care to produce the best tea, in the most conscientious way possible.

What Does SquirrelDuck Mean?

You might be wondering what "SquirreDuck" means - you're not alone. If you look closely at our logo, you might see one or both of a squirrel and a duck. It's a classic visual pun that we just love - it's fun! And, we feel it reflects the quirky sides of our personalities that makes us our unique and wonderful selves.

Our logo also makes you stop - and look - and take a moment to really see it. In this way it reflects our values: we think that if you stop the frenzy of life for a moment and enjoy a cup of tea, you'll be happier and healthier for it.

Tea is Good for You

Tea is high in anti-oxidants which may help you detoxify your body. Tea contains a unique amino acid called L-theanine that may help alleviate anxiety. Tea also contains caffeine (tisanes or herbals usually do not, but tea from the tea bush does) which may help you regulate your metabolism. All these health claims and more can be found in many many studies and articles. SquirrelDuck hopes that tea does improve your health; of course, we can't guarantee that our tea or herbals can make you healthier. The "Uses" listed on our labels are informational only, and do not constitute medical advice. As McCoy might put it: I'm a tea purveyor, not a doctor.

In the end, we hope that you enjoy SquirrelDuck tea, in your own, awesome way. And, we think if you stop, reflect, or just take a deep breath and honour your true self for moment, your mind, body and spirit will appreciate it.

Stay cool Tea Nerds,